Track "ccef0d9c-ca6d-4b75-ba13-e0580411a9ee"

This track has 2 fingerprint(s) and is linked to 2 MusicBrainz recording(s).


ID Length Sources
12743344 4:16 12
56679038 4:21 9

Linked MusicBrainz recordings

Title Artist Length Sources
Creep (acoustic) (live, 1993-07-13: KROQ Studios, Burbank, CA, USA) Radiohead 4:19 12
Take Show Host (Combo remix) Radiohead 4:16 7

Additional user-submitted metadata

Title Artist Album Sources
Talk Show Host (Combo Remix) Radiohead Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 20 (Remixes) 1
Talk Show Host(Combo Remix) Radiohead M+I=X 2
Talk Show Host (Combo Remix) Radiohead Remix 1