Dear users — AcoustID provides free service to a number of open source applications. If you are using such an application and find AcoustID useful, please consider donating a small amount, to keep it running smoothly and stay free. Thank you.


Welcome to AcoustID!

AcoustID is an open source project that aims to create a free database of audio fingerprints with mapping to the MusicBrainz metadata database and provide a web service for audio file identification using this database.

The content of the database is all submitted by users. You can contribute by downloading our submission tool and letting it to analyze your music collection. It will submit fingerprints along with some metadata necessary to identify the songs to the AcoustID database.

All software components are open source, so if you are a developer interested in the project, you can download the source code for the client library, the server application and also the database itself.